Angela Lansbury and the Sexual Assaulters

Posted by catfarm on Nov 29, 2017

My new favorite band name.

So I was in the bathroom, reading my phone when I somehow ended up on this USA Today article in their "Life" section about Angela Lansbury saying that women are partially to blame for everything that is going on right now with all the sexual assualt claims. A horrible thing to say, and she says as much when saying it, so she isn't oblivious to it. Great. Whatever. I have more to say about this but that isn't the point of this post. Nor is the band name. What is important to this post is what is at the very end of that article.

Alrighty... check it out... they only care if you know about misconduct in the entertainment industry. Raped at your insurance industry job? Who gives a shit!

Am I daft in not conecting the "Life" category with entertainment? Is that really what the "Life" section is? That would be... I don't know... it would still bother me. It still does bother me. I'm bothered by this.